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Discover How 45 Newbie Marketing Students Take Their Brand New Lead Page Builder Software And Turn It Into A Business In A Single Day!

Mardi 14 Février 2023

Sounds great isn't it? I invite you to join this Special online training that teaches you how to turn that software into a business! Over 90% of the room was able to bring in leads LIVE in a single day using 2 simple steps and there were 14 sales that came in at the same time!

Lock in Instant Access ! 

Dear Reader,

The world is changing!
The world's largest taxi company, UBER, doesn't own a single vehicle.
​The world's largest hotel chain, AirBNB, doesn't own any hotels.
​The world's largest retailer, Amazon, owns almost none of its own inventory.
They are ALL online resellers, let me explain...

Look, everyone agrees, in today's economy we all need a side hustle, or a gig, just to live the life we could previously live with a decent job.

But... who wants to risk their life savings, go back to school to earn a marketing or technology degree, and spend thousands of dollars building fancy websites no one will likely ever see.

There is a better way...

Have you been in a Starbucks recently around 11 am?  

Chances are, there are at least 3-4 people inside pecking at their laptops who leave in VERY nice cars looking very relaxed and secure.

You can bet at least one or two are digital resellers...

So what is a valued digital reseller?

Just like in any other business, there are players in the supply chain.  Typically there's a manufacturer or product creator, a marketer or marketing company, a technology platform, and a digital reseller.

The digital reseller doesn't create anything, markets and sells nothing, and they have no stake or interest in the technology, however, they make the LION'S share of the profits.

Here's what you can expect in this training:

You're going to get instant access to the replay of the most energetic and engaging event
  • ​You're going to see LIVE results in this class.  90% of the people brought in leads and there was 14 sales
  • You're going to get a simple "quick-start" guide so you breeze through your steps (Some people are setup in 15 minutes)
  • ​We're going to give you everything you need to go out there and start making profits with your new "digital reseller business"
  • ​You're going to have additional weekly training to help you succeed and scale even beyond this initial workshop
  • ​We will provide you with all of the tools, resources, blueprints, and cheat sheets you need to get started
  • ​You'll also have 2 of our proprietary platforms to kickstart your success!


In A Single Day You're Going To Learn Everything You Need To Know To Become A Successful and Profitable "Digital Reseller."

This isn't just another course!  It's taught in a highly energetic and engaging event to make sure that YOU WATCH IT, FINISH IT, GET SETUP, & GET RESULTS!

1) Part #1: The Business Foundation!
  • Perry Belcher's Story
  • The first session is a lesson from one of marketing's greatest.  He's going to share his journey with you.
  • Lifestyle Stack
  • The first thing you're going to do is create a lifestyle stack so you have a plan to hit your income goal.
  • Head Monsters
  • We have a special guest who is going to help you identify and eliminate those head monsters  failing you!
  • 2 Things You Need
  • There are 2 things every business needs, and they're both going to be revealed and simplified for you in this lesson.
  • Traditions Sales vs...
  • We don't teach traditional sales.  We teach "Opportunity Profiting". This will make you more with less work.

2) Part #2: Making The Money!
  • What To Sell
  • There are 2 types of products we make 90% of our money on. We will tell you what they are in this session.
  • Where To Find Products
  • We have a select few digital supply chains we use to find products.  You will discover what they are.
  • How To Make 3x The Sale
  • You're going to discover how the movie theater model is going to make you triple profits with no more work.
  • The 2 Steps!
  • There are two steps we use in this business model.  We will show you how to set them up in 60 seconds.
  • Money Is In The Followup
  • You're going to find that 75% of your money is made automatically without you doing a thing.  If you do this right!

3) Part #3: Setting Up Your 2-Steps!
  • Basic Headline Formula
  • The words you use to capture your lead's attention will be your very best weapon. This is the formula to do so.
  • Understanding the Software
  • There are 3 main modules inside of our software we want you to start using right away to get leads.
  • The Perfect Offer 
  • In this session we're going to connect all of the dots and give you all of the ingredients for the perfect offer.
  • Live Critiques
  • In this session, we're going to take a look at, and critique, the steps we used at this event to bring in leads.
  • Closing Celebration & Q&A
  • Here we're going to have the students post their results, celebrate their success, and answer questions.

My gift to you if you take part to this training: You Get 2 Software Programs And Your Own Sales Funnel With Business Builder

Custom Tools Costing Over $100,000 To Develop Are Being Gifted To You In This Class To Use For LIFE...  NO CATCH!!!

I'm going to be honest with you when I say it takes money to make money!  Any other training on the internet is going to have you purchase a number of software tools up front.  Many of these tools don't actually get the job done! 

Well, we didn't want you to spend MORE MONEY on tools which may or may not produce results, so we're giving you access to the SAME TOOLS we created for our own business.

This isn't a FREE TRIAL... You DON'T have to buy them... There is NO CATCH!   
(Something nobody else has EVER thought of doing!)


We're going to make sure you are READY TO SELL on DAY #1

It's all included in your assets below ($1,997 Value)

Lock in Instant Access! 

Asset #1 Attract The Customer!

This is the core of your business.  It's here where you are going to be able set up the tools to attract your customers!

This system was built for new apprentices who have ZERO marketing or techy experience.  
  • You will be able to use this for LIFE!
  • Nothing more for you to have to buy!
  • Here's Everything You're Going To Be Able To Do With This Incredible Software!
  • You're going to be able to choose a simple one page that captures the leads into your system
  • Create simple reseller links to promote the products from your library
  • ​Track your activity in REAL TIME. You'll see your new leads showing up on a map from all around the world
  • ​Instantly plug in your reseller products in about 45 seconds or less...
  • $497 Value


Asset #2 Auto Customer Follow-up

Once You Attract Your Customers This System Will Automatically Follow-up And Convert Them For You!

Everything you see in the screenshot above runs on autopilot.  There really isn't anything you need to do except enjoy our technology
  • You will be able to use this for LIFE!
  • Nothing more for you to have to buy!
  • Here's Everything You're Going To Be Able To Do With This Incredible Software!
  • Capture and monitor your leads when they come in through your distributor system
  • ​Your leads receive INSTANT follow-up from you... WITHOUT you having to do a thing!
  • Track your leads activity in REAL TIME.  You'll see your leads popup on a map when they come into your system
  • ​You're able to use this software for other business purposes as well!
  • $497 Value


Asset #3 Your Own Digital Reseller Product

Once you have your software tools set up, you need to have something to sell!
  • You will be able to use this for LIFE! 
  • Nothing more for you to have to buy!
  • Here's how you're going to make money with your new distributor business...
  • You're going to receive a special sales link to one of our highest converting distributor products (you get paid when people buy other people's products)
  • ​We're going to give you the most enticing and lucrative copy and headlines to get attention on your pages (Just like they do in Craigslist)
  • ​You're going to receive all of the follow-up emails automatically heading out of the your follow-up system.  You don't have to write a single word.
  • We're going plug you into our process making you 3x your revenue with your distributor system
  • $997 Value

Why Choose Perry & Chad To Train You?


You're receiving training from some of the top digital resellers in the business.  These trainers have generated millions of dollars in sales in their reseller business, and created the systems to automate the whole process.

This online virtual training includes a live on-the-spot training, where you'll learn to set up your model and develop the basic digital reseller skills you need to succeed in the "Business Builder Workshop".

You choose when you want to work and how often you want to work.  The more effort you put into this the more profitable your digital reseller business will be.

What are participants saying about this Workshop?

FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions about the Digital Distributer Method:

Once You Attract Your Customers This System Will Automatically Follow-up And Convert Them For You!

Q: Do You Offer A Money-Back Guarantee!
A: 100% MONEY-BACK!  If for any reason you are not happy with "Business Builder Workshop" sessions or the $997 worth of software that you received for "LIFE", then let us know and we will GLADLY refund 100% of your purchase.  We don't see that happening.  Nobody in their right mind will want to refund this offer but, either way, you are COVERED!

Q: I am NOT very technical
A: This training was created for people with ZERO experience.  We have a very simple curriculum and itinerary for this class to make sure that YOU SUCCEED!  The software platforms were created for YOU!  They were created for the beginner in mind.  90% of the work is already done for you.  All you have to do is show up with an open-mind and be ready to put together your business. 

Q: Am I Really Receiving Your Software Platforms?  What's The Catch?
A: Yup!  I know it sounds crazy.  If you knew the blood, sweat, tears and not to mention the amount of money that went into building out these platforms you would think we were crazy!

So it's true for just a small one-time payment of $27 you'll immediately have your seat locked in for the workshop that's going to walk you through setting up your business and you're going to receive over $1,000 in tools (The same tools that we build for our own "Digital Reseller" business.) 

So is there a catch?  Well sorta but not really.

See you KEEP the tools even after the class ends.  We're NOT going to turn anything off.  There is no bill or contract that you have to pay every month.  NOPE YOU KEEP IT for the rest of your life if you choose and you keep your business running with these incredible tools.

So if there is a catch what is it?

Well it's very simple.  See we do have A LOT of software that we launch and sell and this is how we bring people into our world.  So they become aware of everything that we have available.  We also know that when you see the quality of the software we just gave to you, you will ABSOLUTELY love everything that we create.  So it's a WIN-WIN scenario 

Q: So What Do I Need To Have?
A: As far as the business goes we have everything you're going to need.  So you just need to login to the "Business Builder Workshop" from your home computer.  Now that means you're going to need to have an internet connection and we recommend watching the workshop from a laptop or desktop.

Other than that you just need to have an open-mind and an amazing attitude the day of your class!

Q: What Other Expenses Are There (That Your Not Telling Me?)
A: I know it sounds ABSOLUTELY INSANE but once you have paid your $27 and enrolled in the workshop you will NOT need to purchase any other tools or software.

Normally YOU WOULD!  That's usually how training like this goes, however we wanted to make sure you DID NOT have to buy anything else once you joined this training.

Q: How Can I Attend Your Event In Vegas?
A: We do intensives here in Vegas on a quarterly basis.  If we have an event coming up we will tell you about it during the workshop.  There's always a handful of people that fly out to Vegas and attend our intensives.  Remember the cost on those is $997 - $5,000.  

So this is an AMAZING offer for you to get into one of our high-quality trainings for just $27 and you get all the tools that we custom built for our own business

Q: What Can I Expect After I Lock In My Spot For $27?
A: You will receive an email in the next few minutes with access to your special portal area.  It is here where you will find all the videos, resources, and goals for you to complete.  You will also receive access to a special "Quickstart Guide."  This guide was set up to help you get setup as fast and easy as possible.

We host a call every Wednesday at 2:00 pm pst. and you will be encouraged to be on that call.  There are many options for you to choose from and you can scale this program as big as you want to.

Lock in Instant Access!
Mathieu Janin

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