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Get a MintBird Insight with the 2 Co-creators of MintBird Shopping Cart and Funnel Builder Best solution to be launched at the end of August

Mardi 20 Juillet 2021

Meet the two co-founders of MintBird Shopping Cart & Funnel Builder in this 14-minutes conversation and get all the information you need about the MintBird Launch, the free MintBird Power Affiliate Accelerator Bootcamps to be able to participate in the MintBird Launch Contest until the end of August.

Hey guys, this is Perry Belcher here with chad nicely and welcome to the MintBird launch Behind me is the Red Rock Canyon, the beautiful mountains of Red Rock Canyon here right outside Las Vegas and, more importantly, my $ 30,000 classic 1964 cadillac convertible coupe Deville that I'm About to give away to one of you guys, Okay, so if you've not heard about mitt bird, yet it's pretty amazing, It's a totally different experience in car building and funnel building where you can build a funnel in about a minute or two minutes. It'S gon na change. The way everybody builds their cars


But more importantly, there would be a huge opportunity for you guys to participate in this launch and make a whole hell of a lot of money.

So there's three big reasons that You want to support the bird launch number one, I'm gon na, be your friend. If you make me a lot of money, I'm just kidding. That'S not really a good reason. Number one is you're. Gon na make a lot of money. This full funnel is really optimized and fantastic, and you can make up almost $ 1300 a sale on this funnel

And secondly, we're giving away 50,000 dollars Wait: 50, thousands for the prizes, Either prices or cash. You can choose, whichever I think, you're a total dodo head. If you take the cash, but my cadillac convertible behind us here is worth about $ 30,000. It'S pristine! It'S a beautiful car

Tell you a little funny story about it. I won a 1965 suicide door, Lincoln continental from frank kern a couple of years ago in a contest and I lost it in another context. I gave it away like a dodo, And so I decided I was going to go out and buy a car hotter than that car. Just to piss off frank. To be honest with you,


So I didn't actually buy this with my own money. I won the money in a bet. It'S a long story.

I'Ll tell you the story when I see you but we're gon na give away this car we're gon na give away my custom Harley Davidson fat boy, We're going to give away a bunch of my guitars we're gon na give you a custom boots, all kinds of Crazy things to go with my lifestyle that they might not fit your because a lot of you guys wouldn't be caught dead. The stupid shirt like this


But I like this stuff right And if you don't like it, you can just have the money But uh the launches coming up. So the dates will put the dates right below here. Right,

Yeah yeah Right Yeah right across the screen right now So reserve those dates. I think this is gon na be the biggest launch of the year. Nobody has launched a true cart builder, like this ever


So what MintBird does It's really really cool is allows you to build your own cart pages fully. Customizable allows you to build your own funnels, your own product sales flows, and you build it all as a library and then you can drag it and drop it anyway.

You want hit a button and create a brand new funnel within about 15 seconds of just dragging and dropping parts, and I can't explain it completely chad's going to do a demo for you and show you how it works in the demo and I'm gon na tell You people are going to lose their minds.


It does things that no other funnel does it's got. Tons of integration takes Cryptocurrency, it does dime sales. It does all these things that you can't have it any other cart in the world. It'S gon na be very reasonably priced. It'S what to 97 to 97 7 front and that's for an annual license for a whole year. It'S not like click finals was 2 97 a month. It'S 2 97 for the whole year In this launch. Eventually we're gon na raise the price of this thing.

It will be more expensive, but during this first year this first launch you guys get to jump in here and show your audience a great value and it'll help them change their business.


It simplifies everything, speed, ease and automation. That'S what it's all about Chad! You got more. You can tell them about man you're on a roll of itself. You know, I think you guys need to get involved here. I'M asking you to do it. Is my friend we're doing a lot of really cool things.

I'Ve never done a launch in JV Zoo, I'm just gon na be frank with you.


I sold almost a half a billion dollars for the product online, but I've never sold $ 1 for the product on JV, Zoo and chad says hey. We need to launch this on JBC. These guys are gon na love it. This is the audience. So I agree to do it and the reason we're putting up all these prizes and doing this really grandiose thing um. I just I don't like to do anything small. I do everything really really big and if it doesn't move the needle for me, I don't want to do it. So I got to a multimillion dollar launch out of the gate. Here I got ta go and kick everybody's ass, stomped down this big old cowboy boot and tell them that I'm in town, along with my buddy chad, who's the brains by the way, this whole operation, I'm just the eye candy, but but chad's the brains and the And he runs all the all the tech teams and the coders, and we spent almost 19 months now in development of this program.



So it's not a thrown together thing. This is an actual super, solid platform that will be built on and developed on for years to come. So I think I think, you're getting in on the base level. Uh the funnel is really cool because we got the 297 front end. There'S a pro version has a lot of extra features as a template club, where there'll be new templates coming out every month.


And then, lastly, there's an agency license - and this is the thing I think that's gon - na blow it out of the water price wise, because the 9 97 agency license is gon na, allow anybody to own their own shopping, cart.

We'Re gon na white label this for anybody with 9 97 license. They can white label on it themselves and make it absolute ton of money, including you guys and just add a little bit in chad's here, Like you ever get to talk. No, no you're he's good man.


So so we're doing a couple of the really cool things.

My birthday is july 28, today, before we launched So hopefully we'll have a birthday present on the 29th when you guys send tons of sales in, But right after that, chad's gon na throw me a big birthday party here in las Vegas and we went whoa. Oh, were blown up. This launch is going to blow you away Just kidding of we're gon na. Do a giant birthday party is the fear.

The dangers of doing your video shoots in the middle of the desert right, So this this disc, keep rolling. We don't care.


So they don't care So uh, but we're doing a big birthday party here for me and we want to invite you key affiliates to come and channel underneath it will say who gets to come to the party

Who gets to come to the event We're doing a live event? There is a live event tacked on the back of this launch for the buyers, There's an event for the buyers and there's event for the agency: buyers, two different ones, A mastermind for the HD buyers. If you make one sale, One sale, I thought it was 10 sales.

Is this 11 sale they get to come to the event? If you make 10 sales, you get to come to the mastermind uh for the agencies and I'll tell you. I know how to run an agency. I'Ve got five agencies running right now in different genres of services that do Over multi millions of dollars a year. So I'll tell you everything I know about running an agency and if you make 50 sales or more, you secure yourself, a speaking gig at that event, if you wish to speak,


So there's a lot going on here:

There'Ll, be a lot of it, be explained below this video in writing. So if you can't understand my country ass accent that I totally get it right, But but I think you can see that I'm excited and it takes a lot to get me excited anymore. I did a lot of stuff from digital marker to Warren mastermind the traffic conversions. I mean all the things I've done the past. It takes a lot to get me excited, But this is my first software launch

This is my first launch on JV Zoo, which had, and it's one of many for what it's worth just to, let the rabbit out the hat. There are five more pieces of software that will be launching over the next 12 months that accompaniment berg so get in now get solidified get on the boards become our partners and let's make a lot of money together.


I support the hell out of my partners. If you support me, I promise you were going to support you Uh, that's the way that we do it as long as you're ethical and you do good things for our audience.

We'Re gon na be ethical and do good things for your audience, So I can't wait to get you guys on board. We'Re gon na have a great time. We make a whole lot of money together with a hell of a lot of fun. Just for what it's worth there, Maybe girls racing on big wheels inside guaranteed inside the birthday parties. It'S gon na be crazy, Crazy, crazy, Vegas style, perry, style, nutty style, lose your mind party. This is a party you'll be talking about when you're in a nursing home, and it was great - it's gon na we're gon na live music. It'S gon na be insane

We want you to party, we want you to vent, But more than that, I want to send you a big giant bags full of money for promoting This meant bird launch.


I think your audience is gon na love it. I know one thing, that's a fact. You know this is a great platform and I know chad protects users like crazy

So your audience, your users that you send are going to be protected. They'Re gon na be well taken care of, and they're gon na be happy. I can absolutely assure you that, if nothing else, but I really think you can make a lot of money, so we want to see on this side changing anything to add Yeah, we'll also they want to book a webinar with us. Oh yeah, yeah, that's important!

Right, So he and I we rock out webinars. This is where we get our best conversions. We got a special bundle there. That'S where you're gon na make the most money right So make sure you book webinars with us, because we know that the slots they're gon na fill up pretty fast.


So we definitely want to get you guys to be on one of those webinars doing the introduction, If you wan na, say you're doing a webinar with perry and your revenue, chad, I'm gon na, be on there with you, we're gon na, be pumping you up telling Your audience, how awesome you are uh during the same period of time, So I can't wait to get to know you. I can't wait to talk to you.



Let'S drill this thing home: let's make a lot of money and have a lot of fun Yeah. I got one more point: Yeah. What'S that You wrote the sales copy

I did I did write the sales copy, so I right pretty good copy. I'Ve done all right in the past 100 million About 500 million to at least 500 million in total sales. So I think you're gon na see a good converting cart. We got a solid, solid product, good converting sales cart. I think you're gon na see some things that really really rock

We want to sit down a footprint set an example for this industry set example. For this platform. I know some of you guys out. There are just insanely skilled and have wonderful, wonderful products. We want to promote those to the list while it's hot right after the launch, So promise you, whoever scoring the highest on our leader board, is gon na get the most attention when it comes to reciprocation, But even if you're not scoring high we're gon na. Do our best to reciprocate everybody that we can and make sure that we send a love back to you guys too


So please get on board.

Right now, there's information below this video tells you everything you need to know how to get signed up, how to get ready channel talk to anybody that wants to do webinars or any of that we'll get that all arranged up with our staff And uh. Let'S kick this pig man Yeah And also they're free to ask Simon Simon Disney any questions He's RJB Manager,

So he's got you covered Hook up with Simon's Contact will be underneath the video too. So I wish you were here right now, But he's over there and somewhere where they talk. Funny.

So bora bora bora bora right now, Yeah you, he ain't in a desert, sucking sand up his nose right now sandwich up his nose.


He'S in bora bora, So who's the smart guy here Right so get on with get on with Simon

I think you're gon na, I think you're going to just have the best time. I probably we're gon na have the most fun. You can bet that we're gon na have the most freaking fun. You'Ve ever had been fun, It's already been fun. So we'll see you

Just sign up below We'll see you on this side. There'S gon na be a lot of information coming your way over the next few weeks So be sure to pay attention white. Let'S listen in your email,

So you make sure you got our message is and putting your sms text number. So we can send you a text to to make sure that we can get a hold of you about launched up We're not gon na blow you up We're not gon na kill. You We're not gon na be drilling you and hammering you


We just want to be able to make sure that you don't get left out of anything

I'M perry, I'm chad, we'll see you on the other side, Take care..


Be sure to sign up via this link : http://smartketinglinks.com/MintBird to receive updates from MintBird and have a chance to win our "MintBird Agency License.

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