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How to Get Your Message Out Using YouTube

Lundi 15 Mars 2021

The Internet has grown considerably over the past couple of years, thanks to the tremendous growth of social media and video sharing sites like YouTube. As a result, the number of people looking for ways to promote their businesses has also grown considerably. Many marketers are looking for more effective methods of getting their message across, as the number of methods available has been numerous.

One great example of an effective method is video marketing, which has been shown to have great effect in reaching potential buyers. Video marketing offers a unique opportunity to present your business message to many prospective customers, and do it in a way that is both entertaining and informative. It also has the benefit of allowing many prospects a chance to be exposed to your business message, as they watch you talk in video, as well as check out your products and services being presented in the video. In fact, it's been shown that prospects are 92% more likely to a get a response from a video marketing presentation, as they are 93% more likely to contact a business if a video presentation is made about their products and services.

Video marketing also allows a business to show their prospective clients both the good aspects of their products and services, as well as the ways in which they can benefit from the business's products and services.

The key to video marketing is to be able to communicate your message to many prospects, in a way they will remember. It's been said that a lasting impression is made on one person, every 10 to 20 seconds. That means one video will last for 10 to 20 minutes for a one hour video presentation. So if you show your marketing video twice, you can get 40 or 50 messages through just one presentation. That's incredible!

Another key reason for the effectiveness of this marketing system is that it provides a fantastic opportunity to brand yourself. With the use of a logo, company colors and company logos, you can be shown throughout the whole video. This is a great way of showing off your company's personality, and making yourself known to prospects. You will also have the opportunity, as the video progresses, to show your products and services.

The use of video marketing is also a great way of building up a list for your marketing system. This is because video allows you to share information with prospects about your products and services which you want them to purchase. With the power of websites such Facebook and YouTube, it's also now possible to show your products and services videos in one of these sites for free, and build up a huge subscriber list. You can reach out to tens of thousands of prospects through video! Your video marketing system has just grown exponentially!

The most important element of a video is the use of the audio track for your videos. Use an audio track if you want - you can have it as simple as you want. But make it sound as clean as you can. A good clean audio track can make or break your video for anyone. If it's not clean - the prospect will think the video is not related to their needs or that its out of date, and will click to something else. Use the audio track to make your video relevant and current - its the single element that will make your video successful. And make sure its got that relevant information!

The most important part of your video is the message - the keypoint - the use of your message. This is the most important part of your video because its what prospects will remember and will be thinking about when they see your videos later. This is what you want them to do!

So what are the different ways to do a video? Lets look at some examples.
  •  A marketing video on one of your websites - You could have your logo displayed, you could have you speak to the webmasters directly, or you could host it on YouTube and have it linked to your site. All of these options are equally good. You will have to experiment to find out which is best for you.
  • Interview someone - This is great for getting your message across to people who don't currently use social media. You can have a person you've trained or have worked with on the video, as well as get them to speak over the audio.
  • Presentation video - This is great if you have a talk show which you're producing for a broadcaster. You could have you present a talk show and have the audio from the camera. It will depend on your budget. If its a lot of money you can have your own host!
  •  A product review - With YouTube you can have a product demo or review, with the author included in the video. This is great for bloggers, resell merchants, and for businesses with large sales which they are trying to get out to their mailing list.
  •  A tutorial on a particular subject - With YouTube you can have a tutorial on how to do something - How to cook, How to grow tomatoes, How to install a pool filter, How to plant an herb business. You will need to experiment with different kinds of videos, and make sure they fit in with your brand.
  •  Interview - This could be a good option for businesses who want to get interviews from influencers or experts. Again you will have to experiment with different kinds of answers, how many people watch each video, what time it runs, etc.
  •  Product or Service review - You can do a product review or service review with YouTube. You could interview a customer or insider on the product, or have someone else do it on camera. Again you will have to experiment to see what works best for your brand.
Once you have created you videos, upload them to your YouTube account, and optimize them. YouTube ranks videos based on popularity, then how many times they are viewed. So, your videos should get a lot of views relative to your target audience, and should be relevant to your brand. You can do keyword optimization with YouTube as well. There is a keyword tool that works with YouTube, so you can target keywords that people are searching when searching for your product, service, or opinion.
  • Get your video to show up in the search engines - You should aim for at least two videos to get ranked on the first page, and five to get ranked on the second page. You can either create several unique videos, or use your promotional video with a similar theme. Again you will have to experiment with different kinds of answers, times they run, the order they are in, and what kind of question they are asked. This will improve your videos' rankings relative to your target audience, and also improve the videos' exposure amongst Google and YouTube, which can result in higher rankings.
These are just some of the ideas you could use to get your message out. Experiment with these ideas, and get some ideas of your own on how to use YouTube to help your business! 
Mathieu Janin

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