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Starting a home-based business can be smart and lucrative

Mardi 13 Juillet 2021

You have probably thought about starting a business but didn't take the necessary steps because you were afraid of losing your money. Many businesses can be started with as little as $1.
There's no better time than now to start a home-based company. Affiliate marketing is a way to sell products of others and instantly earn a commission.
There are no products that you need. There is no inventory to keep or shipping cost to incur. There is no need to hire staff. Advertising is not necessary. It's not necessary to spend money on advertising. You only need to learn the concepts of attraction selling (also known social selling). This uses your social media pages, whether they are on Facebook, Instagram TikTok Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, YouTube or Twitter.
There is very little overhead, other than the need for an internet connection and a computer.

Mintbird was created by Chad Nicely and Perry Belcher. Mintbird will launch on the 29th of July 2021. This product was developed over 19 months.

mintbird One-in-a-lifetime Free Training

It is one thing to decide to become an affiliate marketer. It is quite another to be successful. You don't have to know Facebook how to post. It's not. The sooner you recognize this and invest the time to learn, the better your chances of success.
Chad Nicely and Perry Belcher are the perfect partners. Their revolutionary online shopping cart is now live and they offer the chance to learn from them how to become Power Affiliates via their free MintBird affiliate accelerator program.

Perry Belcher and Chad Nicely are offering you ​a Free training to be a Power Affiliate

You may now be wondering, "Who are Perry Belcher and Chad Nicely?" They are two of the most prominent Affiliate Marketers today. Take a look at them. Perry, Ryan Diess and DigitalMarketer are the founders of DigitalMarketer . Since 2003, they have had more than $500 million in affiliate sales. Chad is no fool either. He is known for creating high-quality software tools like Everlesson, CompeteUp, and EasyLinks.

If you are serious about learning ninja techniques, there is no better teacher than a good product. It gets even better.This is the first time that something like this has ever been made available.For people who are just starting out in the business.
They will first approve you to promote and sell high-quality launches. This is a rare opportunity because it is not something that is usually granted.ONLY To existing Power Affiliates.

You may be wondering what a Power Affiliate is

By following the Power Accelerator Program, you will learn all you need to know to become a Power Affiliate
By following the Power Accelerator Program, you will learn all you need to know to become a Power Affiliate
There are thousands of people who sign up to be affiliates. And many of them don't succeed. Because they don't have a track record of success, they are often relegated as salespeople long after products have been launched. Launches are designed to create a big impact in the marketplace. It is best to work with people who have been successful.

Both Perry and Chad are openly expressing their frustration at seeing the same people on the sales leaderboards each time. They both recall the struggles they had when they started this business. They are determined to change the system and bring new motivated people into the company and give them all the tools and resources they need to be the next great power affiliate. You can do it!
How are they going do it? They will approve newbies to participate in their launches by signing up for their Affiliate Accelerator Bootcamp . The goal is that each participant will sell at least 25 products during the launch. This is a requirement that most affiliate managers keep.

Then, they will give you a gift.AllYou will receive all the creative assets you need to promote your offer, including emails, videos and slides, as well as a library of social posts. We also teach you how to use these assets on any social networks. This is a simple task, and the best thing about it all? It's completely free! These opportunities and specialized training would normally cost up to $50,000.
They are not only giving back by providing this for free, but they also go the extra mile to include special bonuses such as access to their "SIMPLE AUDIO PRODUCTS" You will receive training and software to help you create simple audio products that you can giveaway, sell, or bundle with other affiliate offers.
Make simple audio products that you can sell, giveaway, or bundle with affiliate offers


mintbird is going to be launched on July 29th 2021, This is the best Funnel Builder and Shopping Cart Builder Solution to be launched in 2021
mintbird is going to be launched on July 29th 2021, This is the best Funnel Builder and Shopping Cart Builder Solution to be launched in 2021
Participants in the Affiliate Accelerator program have the opportunity to launch MintBird, a program that Chad Nicely & Perry Belcher developed. You can purchase it as a solution to small-business operators, or an Agency License for entrepreneurs who want to sell services to other business owners.

It is evident that the landscape of ecommerce and business has changed dramatically and will continue to change in the future. All businesses, regardless of size and industry, will have to adapt in order to remain competitive in these new markets. They'll look for ways to do this and find the right people to help them.

Online shopping carts are essentially ecommerce. There are many options available, with the best offering seamless online shopping for customers. Customers can order and pay directly from their website or email. Shopify, SamCart and Magento are some of the most well-known options. The one thing that most of these solutions lack is the ability for customers to upgrade their purchases. They may offer a few suggestions on a page below the "Add To Cart" button but they don’t ask the customer if they would like fries with their hamburger.
When it comes to online shopping carts, we’re basically talking about ecommerce.

This is the function of a completely different software called the sales funnel. There are many options available, including ClickFunnels and Pipeline Pro, Groove Funnels and Drop Funnels. All these options have their drawbacks. Each funnel must be created individually for each product. This includes every upsell, downsell, and bonus offer. Many offer only limited integrations with payment systems and autoresponders.

MintBird was founded to address the weaknesses of both sales funnels and shopping carts. MintBird is similar to any shopping cart system. Businesses can keep a list or inventory of all the products they sell, including any bonus offers. Instead of creating a lengthy, tedious process when it comes to creating a funnel it is easy to pick from the inventory, combine them using pre-designed templates, and save it. This makes it a quick 2-minute process. This requires no special skills or training, and it is simple enough to be understood by a child or senior techno-phone user.

Shopping cart software and sales funnels have become essential tools for online sales. It is essential for businesses to understand how to use these systems in order to increase their client base exponentially. This also makes it a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to offer this service to small businesses.


mintbird is nice to see and nice to have! With wonderful templates to be used in 2 minutes
mintbird is nice to see and nice to have! With wonderful templates to be used in 2 minutes
One system should be capable of meeting all the requirements of eCommerce-oriented businesses in a perfect world. There are however some criteria you should consider.
Easy to set up and use
It is easy to create and easily add products
Keep a list of product assets
To increase transactions, use intuitive sales funnels
You can easily add both up- and down-sells
Ability to make bump offers and pricing adjustments in a matter of minutes without any special skills
You can easily create interactive forms with intuitive features.
Ability to manage thousands of simultaneous transactions
Integrations with payment processing, email autoresponders and other applications
It's simple enough to be managed using the included mobile app
This list contains many important things to look for in a strong eCommerce platform. However, most eCommerce platforms today will not meet at least one of these criteria.


Win this wonderful red Cadillac 1964 by joining the launch
Win this wonderful red Cadillac 1964 by joining the launch
Chad Nicely, Perry Belcher, and industry leaders with over $1 billion in online sales, have addressed all shortcomings in ecommerce by launching MintBird. MintBird combines the capabilities and features of the top shopping carts and sales funnels, and adds new features that are highly sought-after by discerning businesses.

The MintBird Shopping Cart Application will be launched on July 29th 2021. Click on this link to register. If you register here we will give you a chance to win a free copy of Mintbird.  

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We're also going to give you a chance to win MintBird!

If you want to dig deeper into Mintbird Funnel Builder, you can read our other articles about Mintbird Shopping Cart Builder by clicking on this link. or read following articles:   
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