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Why you cannot miss the PopLinks Launch on October 13th 2022: Make Launches Great Again!

Vendredi 7 Octobre 2022

Learn directly from Perry Belcher and Chad Nicely, the two PopLinks co-founders, why attending the PopLinks Launch is certainly one of the best selling opportunity of the year for Affiliate Marketers all around the world...

Click on this link to watch the PopLinks demo and the interview of Perry and Chad in video

Hey! Perry Belcher here with chad Nicely, my partner and on october the 13th, we're gonna be giving away a lot of money in a big launch for a product called PopLinks, if you haven't seen it yet , it's absolutely amazing!

I think the first thing that came on the market in a long time. We've been a year and a half building this piece of software, unlike most of the stuff that comes out in the platform is now in 30 days or 60 days. It's a true game changing tool for people in the business! 

So why don't you tell them about it chad ?

So what this does is it creates landing pages, lead capture funnels, Bridge pages, not necessarily a funnel builder because we have a different angle here and what we want people to be able to do is set up a landing page in 45 seconds. And it's a totally new concept, something nobody's seen before and we really can deliver that 45 seconds.

But it also has all the new features that you see in the web, right? So, like the gradients, the buttons, the text patterns, like people are gonna be blown away, that we just did a webinar yesterday. Yeah, people are floored.
It's not just a page builder to, it builds, it builds the landing page and the thank you page and can build other pages really wanted to but it builds the landing page and the thank you page all congruent. They all look alike. They're all mobile optimized and the pop up, they're all mobile optimized from the very get go. It's kind of like, you know, remember Myspace everybody had my Yeah, my space was Myspace went out of business business because it was ugly and when they created facebook they made it to where you kinda couldn't screw it up.

So it's kind of like that.

But within 45 seconds, what chad didn't say you're not just building one landing page, you're building hundreds of variations of that landing page so you can pick the one you want, he'll show you we'll cut in here and he can show you some of the features of what we're talking about loads in one second. So, these are all A-scored pages, super-fast. So, if you're if you're a newbie trying to build a page, it's great. But I'm using it because the page loads so fast. I buy media and if you're buying media right now and your pages are loading, loading slow, you're getting killed by the ad platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Google, so they load like a rocket, you can build them quick.
So anyway, the product launches on October the 13th, we're giving away Give away $10,000 in prize money. I hate giving away money. So, I'm gonna hold onto this until somebody wins it. Hopefully none of you will win it and I'll keep it all -  I'm kidding. But now we want to give away this money, we want to have you to make a lot of money and a lot more money in commission.

So we hope that you'll join us, uh, channel, take you over there and kind of walk you through the software and show you how it works . I think you're gonna be totally blown away by, it is completely different. That's the thing I want to burn in your brain. It's not a regurgitated new version of something else. Somebody has built, it's not at all.
It's a completely different, completely new technology that I really think that you're gonna find soon all the people who are affiliates, all the people who are building, like even not, it's not low dollar everything's well, that's low ticket stuff for affiliates. Not completely. You can build a phone funnel with it really easily. Like if you're doing a call for consultation funnel, you could build a call for consultation funnel literally in two or three minutes and it's good if you're doing stuff like that cause you can do multiple angles… if you've got multiple markets, multiple angles.

If you're, yeah, if you're trying to attract, I've got a, I've got a client that does trades.
So they do, they started off doing painting contractors now, they do electricians and plumbers and all sorts of stuff. You can just do a different landing page for every one of those markets in a matter of just a few minutes to attract a lot more fun. And so you'll see when Chad shows you how the software works. The main thing is it's gonna sell if you know anything about either of us, you know that we're good at selling stuff, stuff on the internet Right ? So all we ask you to do is share it with people show them what it is and get them over to us and we'll do all this selling all the heavy lifting for you. That's the big secret when you're going out to promote somebody's JV offer you better.

Number one know that the product is good because your audience is gonna hate you if it's not, it's a great product. Number two, you know , the product feels the need certainly feels need. But really number three, and really maybe the most important of all you have to know that the people that you're promoting for can actually sell that client once you send them a lead and I promise you we can do that as well or better than anybody you've ever known.

I've sold almost billion dollars in the product online chancel millions and millions of dollars for the software online. But I think we're I think we're darn good at that. So I hope you'll trust us to sell this stuff for you and pay you lots and lots of money. Anything else we need to add also it's a mid ticket launch. So the front ends to 97 then we're going to do an event on the back end, that's gonna be the O T. O.
And what's really cool about this event, first of all, we like you all to be here because we're gonna do it right before Simon's event, right So it's gonna make that, y'all are here.

So come on over the pop links event too. But we know how to sell that event. We always sell out events and we're gonna share 50% commission on that event with you. And obviously since its mid ticket, we know that bundles are really hot.

What we haven't even told you yet, you'll see it on the page is not only is their landing pages , there's a link tracking system there, we have our snippet tool in there and we also have a headline generator So it's a really nice bundle for you. And so obviously, you know, the $297 price point I'm willing to do webinars with you all day long. And the other thing is if you, you should like the other thing is to, you know, depending on when you're reading this post, pay attention to what we're doing right now because we're already getting people in the software with a free, like beta version, so they can try it out and you know, they're making videos and learning how it works.

Yeah, you can there's no reason at all why you can't put people in right now. Get them cooked, you know , segment your list.
And that's start using the software. You're gonna, you're gonna feel better about promoting it if you're using because it is freaking awesome And it really does take like 45 seconds. Like you just type your headline, your sub headlines called action statement and just like the demos down below.

Um, you got to check it out. So october 13th, $10,000 in prizes to 97 price point.
We're willing to do the webinars with you, check out what we're doing right now and I think it's probably 400 bucks. You'll make $400 per sale. Yeah, it's a lot of, lot of commission on this one and, and people need it. It's a great value to because it's less per, it's less for a lifetime than most of these solutions are per month. So it just keeps me from having to buy more expensive stuff that they really don't need.
And like you said, there's so many hooks here:  Solo ads. Pay traffic adds local marketing, locals, locals. Amazing because you can go in and build a landing page for local business and less than a minute and show them results in advance instead of walking in saying, Hey, I want to do this for you. That's how, hey look, I built you a landing page because your page was too slow. This is my gift to you, whether you use me or not, but you want to talk, I promise you that will work. So it depends on, it doesn't matter what niche you're in. It really, really does it. You can be affiliate market, you could be high ticket consulting coaching or you'd be local.

You can even sell products to sell products.
You need a shopping cart solution on the back or click bank or something else to merchant this stuff. But that's it. Other than that And everybody likes to merchant there stuff off their platform anyway, so I just watched the demo, The main thing is watch the demo and download it for yourself and use it because you're gonna absolutely love it. So All right. Hope to see you.

Yeah, we'll see you at Simon's event and then remember attend our event right before and it's hey, the event's gonna be, and let's get too big . It's gonna be in my event center here in Las Vegas. So you need to come see my factory and our offices and our, our event center and our wreck stuff and all the stuff that we do here in Vegas.

It's kind of fun to walk around and see all the craziness that were up to. So they can go, Yeah, events at your place to.
Yeah, yeah, we may even do a party here at my house by the pool. You never can tell a bunch of bunch of bunch of half naked internet marketer, old dudes. It's gonna be super hot. Thanks guys, We're nuts. I'm nuts .
Chad's okay. I'm crazy. So forgive me if I totally confuse you, but I hope you're having a good time.

We just wanna show you we're gonna have a good time. We want to make a lot of money with You. You guys got to come here to Vegas. Come to our event. Post events. Uh, Simon's event directly following is gonna be huge.
Directly following the launch. I think you're gonna have a great time here just real quick. I can't do things on command now. Come on. Hi everybody harry, Carey here for pop links.
It's gonna be billy billy Mays here for the amazing pop links. The fastest easiest way to build web pages in the world. Ordinary web builders. See, I can do all these things. We're gonna have to kick as weapons.
Bill Clinton If you want to just come over here and sit on my new and smoke a cigar.

You want to I don't think he wants to do that. All right, Thanks. Take care!

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Individuals' interest spans are short, there are a lot of call-to-action, they pack slowly, most of them don't produce listings, as well as they're all out of date. And also with simply one simple inquiry, I can demonstrate it to you. When was the last time you checked out a site, gave your e-mail address, provided a telephone call, or took any other activity? I will certainly finish here. Yet do you recognize what will never pass away? Bridge pages and lead capture web pages ... In only one minute, you can construct ended-up LEAD catch as well as BRIDGE web pages if you can duplicate three lines of message. AMAZING BUT REAL! PopLinks is the system that all new users have actually BEEN DESIRING FOR! Want to know the details? Please discover more in my PopLinks Evaluation.




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