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Learn from the mouth of Chad Nicely why MintBird Shopping Cart Builder Launch was delayed for the second time in a few weeks

Vendredi 6 Août 2021

On July 29th, Chad Nicely and Perry Belcher planned to launch MintBird, best shopping cart and funnel builder software ever produced so far. Unfortunately for us digital marketers, they run of time and decided to delay their launch from July 29th to the end of August from some time. On July 28th, they have decided once again to delay it one more month to Monday september 21st. This article explains the reasons why Chad Nicely took this hart decision to ensure the quality of one of the biggest launch planned in year 2021. So save the date ! MintBird Shopping Cart Software will be definitely launched on Monday 21st September 2021. Meantime you can register for free to the MintBird Power Affiliate Accelarator Program by clicking on the link below.

I want to announce the official date September 21 Mark that down on your calendar September 21 is when we will officially open doors. Now, I'm going to tell you why that is: okay,

We'Re a little bit different than other people that are out there launching products. Okay, So usually when somebody goes and does the launch it's a cash grab, and that's why you see the same guys launching over and over and over and over and over and over We're. Not looking to do that, We're looking to break the records, It's a huge branding play for us.

And we're looking to build a huge user base where we can go out there to Silicon Valley or Austin or uh. You know to the War Room or DigitalMarketer or wherever you know Perry decides to take us.

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Right So I'm looking for a big explosion, I'm not looking to be a launch guy! Okay,

I I uh. Basically I served my time uh in the launch arena. Right Did it for years became like one of the top guys, and I don't really want to be in that field again. Okay, But that field allows us to bring in beta testers. It allows us to bring in a really good user base, So when things aren't perfect,

Okay And what I mean by that is number one, My move


Well, first, Perry's move was the first one that set us back That set us back with our video production and stuff like that, And then my move out of the blue right was another huge setback.

What I thought was going to take a few days ended up taking almost a month. Okay, So now he's all moved in, I'm all moved in we're right next to each other. So that's great Great for business.

Okay, So now, on top of that, I wasn't where I wanted to be with development, Okay, And so, if I'm not where I want to be with development, I won't release anything because that's your first impression.



So uh and I'm not saying anything, has to be at 100 %. If you're, smart, you don't launch anything in 100 % because you have no room to grow. You know if I go and say: here's everything on a silver platter and we're at 100 %. Then there's no room for us to grow. There'S no room for us to come back and excite you with new updates and features and and be able to grow a community from that. But I at least want to be at 70 % And for some reason there was a disconnect with me and I would wake up and I would go long remembered and I would play with it and I'm like something just is disconnected with me amazing platform. But there was something that just wasn't clear to me: it was still kind of model together right,

And so I said: okay, I don't want to shoot those videos yet


I don't want to go out there and launches yet I don't want to teach people this platform the way it is because I know my instincts are screaming at me that something needs to change. Okay, so this week it finally occurred to me - and I know what that changes, And I am 100 % clear on how things should be totally different than anything you've ever seen before. I think you're really gon na freak out

I think you're really gon na, like what I'm about to show you and the direction that we're going. So I'm going to share those things with you, because I want you to see that, regardless of your experience, okay, you're going to be able to use the most advanced features in all the funnels things that you've never been able to do in any other tool. Before And it's absolutely incredible how easy we've made it So I'm going to share that


So the first thing is, the software was not where I plan on being Now. That'S not my fault.

It'S not the developers fault, We followed a course. We set up our sprints. We were right on time. In many cases we were ahead of time. Everything was good, but when it came down to the end, everything that I laid out, everything that I created, I said man, it's just not to my standard, And so let's go back. Let'S redo it So you're going to find that the overall flow has a brand new flow to it different than anything you've. Anything else you've ever seen before and it's great

You'Re going to love it number two. I wasn't happy with what we were doing with the templates And the reason. Why is because there's something called a `` one step'' and a `` two step'' and a two step says: go ahead and do your name and email here:


And then you click on Tab number two and you enter your billing information. It'S kind of the new way to capture leads

I don't know how many of you heard: `` 2-minute- funnels''. If you didn't listen to 2-minutes-funnels, You need to listen to 2-minute-funnels, Okay And in there he talks about The two part order form. So when I went back after I understood it, and I really understood it After listening to 2-minutes-funnels, I went back and I said, wait a minute. We didn't do this right.

We have some order forms where it's one step, some order forms where it's two step and it's kind of up to you to figure out. So I said what would have been incredible is if every single order form was either one step or two step, And so we went back to the drawing board completely redid that where now you can say, show me the one step or you could say show me Two step and then from there you can decide. Do I want to have shipping info? If I do do, I want my shipping info to be first, Do I want it to be last? I want my billing info to be first


 To register to the MintBird Power Affiliate Accelerator Program,
get the 2-Minutes-Funnel Course for free,
learn how to be a power affiliate
and get accepted from Chad and Perry as an affiliate
click on this link!


All of these things are going to put you in a really good position, with our software and you're gonna find that the little details that we have been very meticulous about most car builders have missed. Okay, So that's where we're at with the software Was not at my standards. I don't care how much money we can make. It'S got to be at my standards before I'm gon na release. It

Especially now that I got this high caliber partner there, I'm not going to short change it, It's going to be really good Okay, so it's OK. Development is right on track.

Just require a little bit of time. Okay, now next, the onboarding process is on point.


I love the fact that when you log in you see a video from us - and we tell you do these steps, I love the fact that there's a gameified wizard over on the side where you complete each goal, you earn points, you're, unlocking the badge, and then You get a you know your badge with a picture on it and you go out there and you share it with the group. Okay,

I'M known for those things, I love that I love the fact that we created all that inside a member


It'S already there. I also love our tutorial libraries and the way we do this

However, the biggest problem with bringing in as many people as we have brought in with any piece of software is always Support. Okay, So we're in the process of putting together a support team to handle this and everything that we have completely different. But what we discovered was that the majority of support tickets fall under one of these categories. Number one a bug, Number two, a feature request or a wish list.

Right Or number three, it always has to do with login or password issues. That'S the majority of support, So what we've been trying to do is figure out how to relieve the support desk and be able to have our SaaS-onboard system handle a lot of this. For us - And so the first thing that we figured out Is that all of our software is going to be controlled from one place and our support is able to get into that one place, access that one piece of software and they can change a password. They can create a user, they can change the access point.



So if you have basic - and you want to upgrade the pro they can do - that They can assign a trial account If they want to give somebody access for three days, they have total control over what they need to do right there on the spot. If somebody needs their password reset, they can go and, and they can go ahead and reset their password. If they need it mail to them again, they can click a button. They can mail it If they want to do a bulk update. They can do all of those things, So we have tried very important to make sure that we have the infrastructure in place for support to be handled to handle any of the products that we built.

Okay And I was scared half to death, to go out there and do this launch without that support in place.


I needed some more time is what I'm trying to tell you. Okay, So September 21 is going to be a great date All right now. Here'S the other thing.

Okay, I know that when you guys get in this software you're going to have ideas, I would say: half your ideas are golden. That'S how we built Everlesson, That's how we built a lot of our platforms.

We listen to what you said. What does that make sense, And we kind of took a vote right? I would make a post If we would do this.

How many of you guys would appreciate this And the whole place goes and we go? Do it? Okay? Well that also bombard our support desk, And so the problem is when you're, a guy that comes out, saying: Hey your opinion matters and what you think matters right.

You'Re an opinion in our platform that matters


And when people see us listen to those opinions and go and actually build something well now they become very demanding and they expect it. They are no longer grateful for the time expense. The money that you're putting into a platform like this, But on top of that they come to expect it Okay And what they do is they have those expectations from our support desk



It makes it very hard Because there's people that actually need real support and it's a matter of filtering through sort stepped and separate to try to figure out. Okay, what are the real support? Tickets? Here'S the dream list: Here's the people that have bugs

Here'S the people want to know when the next event is Here's the people that are looking for their bonuses. Okay, So what we've done is inside of all of our software is. There is a place where you can submit to the actual developers that look. This is a bug you can upload a screenshot of it or whatever, and it comes in the back end. Then they're able to go and analyze it and say: okay, uh, here's! What we're going to do we're going to put this in the queue to get fixed or developed or whatever the case may be.

And, depending on how we have it set up, you can actually see what's in queue, what's being developed, what's being fixed.


But on top of that we also have it where there's a voting system. So if somebody says I would be incredible if you could integrate with BomBom just for example, Okay: well, you go and you make that request, and if we look at and say okay, it would be possible to integrate with bombom. Then we hit a code that says approved and then it shows up on the front and then everybody can go ahead and vote for that request.

Okay, So now that takes care of our wish list that takes care of any bugs or any feature request. Those don't go to the support desk anymore. Those go to the actual development log that is right there inside software


Now the other thing that's incredible, and I don't think that I can hold this up to show you, but I'm going to try Years ago. I had this idea that it would be absolutely incredible to have an app for all of our software, one single app where you could go and you can build out your funnels and you can see what's happening with your course sign ups or uh. You know you could come over here and you can see the leads coming in or your appointments for the day or you can see your videos on video guys or whatever else.



And we hired a team to go. Do this And to be honest with you, I kind of got stuck with this team and they kind of had a gun. Looking at me, the whole time - and I didn't have a lot of options And so what we build. I'M pretty much having to scrap After 2 1/2 years of development, and it was a very tough decision because we made a very significant investment, But what we found out after 2.5 years of development is this team just didn't know what they were doing.

Well, I'm happy to report now We have a team that knows exactly what they're doing


They know how to work with data. They know how to optimize data. They have gone and built out all of uh MintBird inside of this one app. Now it's going to happen is I got them pulling. What are called the endpoints? Okay,

We'Re able to use the same endpoints from our old app and they're, basically redoing the app So everything that I have wanted to do. Uh. First of all, I learned a lot through the process, A lot of hard heaks, a lot of stress, but a lot of lessons Um. Sometimes that's the best way you're gon na learn. So the thing is with me: I don't just sit here with an idea.

I go out there and I put it to work, Even if I have to scrap something 2.5 years later. I look back at and say, okay. Well, what do we have? What do we learn from this? What do we do now And, most importantly, I know uh what it is. I don't want.



Does that make sense? I absolutely know what it is. I don't want. I know what it is. I don't want in a cart builder. I know what it is.

I don't want in an app, I know what it is. I don't want in support because of some of the nightmares that we went through before Okay, I know what it is. I don't want in my business and I don't want to be a launch guy.

Instead, I want to be able to send people to a page where they can sign up for a trial, and they can go through this incredible onboarding process where they feel like they know me. They feel like they know, Perry they go through the wizard they're excited. They post a badge in the group and they have success with the platform They become a part of our community. That'S what I really want.

I don't want to be a launch guy.


Okay, So when you're clear on what it is, you want, and you know exactly what you don't want and you knew the steps you take to get what you don't want. Now you tend to slow down a little bit. You have an idea, you take action, you give it your best. It may not turn out how you want, but that's, okay. It was necessary to get you to the point where you know what you do want.

And now today, as you're seeing, I am not in a rush to launch this products at all. What'S more important to me is that it's right And then our onboarding is in place and then our support is in place, Okay And that were stable from this point forward.

All right Now I say that knowing that there's uh and I won't mention names but there's a lot of software - that's being released out there right now, They're making big bold promises And if you buy just one you get 60 piece of software in the future And I'M not doing that Before I allow something to go out there. It will be at least 70 % done to where somebody can focus Right, And so we want to be known as the people that produce quality products.



And we want to be known as the people that you know like and trust, Okay, And also the software that we create. We actually use ourselves Right, That's very important for you to understand. We actually use it ourselves. So, in order for me to be able to hit those milestones, sometimes I have to look at this and say: I'm not going to screw this up.

Let'S go ahead and delay this, And so that's what we've done. We'Ve delayed this until September 21. Now that's great news for you! How many of you hesitated, because you thought you know what

It'S too late Anyways, I missed the boat on this thing, I'll get it next time Right. Here'S what I want you to do!

Good Okay! Well now, all the training is done. The bootcamps are all in there You're seeing students have success.

Okay, All of these things now You now have an extra two months. Two months,


So, if you're already ahead of the bandwagon, if you are, you should feel very comfortable on how to pump out these videos because remember and I'm not going to keep beating a dead horse, but you'll be able to do this for everything anything and everything. If you want to go out there and uh, you know do reviews for credit repair. You can do it if you want to be an affiliate marketing and you just want to review launches


You can and you're going to build a list from that and after a while people feel like they get to know you because they do know you, especially if you let them in right. So then they become comfortable with you.

And so that's where the discipline and the consistency come in and the recency and frequency right You keep doing these things, don't stop. If you stop, when things are working, that's just kind of an oxymoron, it doesn't make sense. You got ta, keep going right from this point forward. You got to keep going And what happens? Is you put enough out there? Okay, that the ball starts rolling on its own

So that when you take a day off to hang out with your girls or take your husband in paris or whatever else you take a week off,


The ball is still rolling. Does that make sense? Now we look at something like member and I'm about to show you a preview of it. If you look at something like MintBird and if you combine MintBird with 2-minutes-funnels, how many of you start to understand the power of what we've given you by having the training from a very very experienced person?

To register to the MintBird Power Affiliate Accelerator Program,
get the 2-Minutes-Funnel Course for free,
learn how to be a power affiliate
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Probably one of the most experienced marketers on the planet, There's there's some big gurus that talk a big game and all they do is talk a big game. But if anybody wants to come out to Las Vegas Nevada, I will drive you down eastern about five miles away and we will go to Perry's warehouse and you will see CNC machines in there.


You will see metal art being created, You will see bath bombs being made. You will see t shirts being printed. You will see hoodies, you will see uh signs being printed for companies around town,

You will see 5000 T shirts being bagged up every single day by machines that he prototyped. Okay, that's a real entrepreneur. That'S somebody who's successful Selling 5000 shirts. Today. That person knows funnels Well, Okay. So when I have the opportunity to sit down and ask the questions that I did and seeing that he absolutely did not hold back, how many of you saw that

There was nothing that was held back, He gave it all to you, Okay, When you take that training and the dynamics that make a sales funnel work and he doesn't get into the technical part. He doesn't say you're going to MintBird and you're gon na be able to create an order for him. You know, has nothing to do with MintBird.


Okay, When you take the dynamics - and you understand the map - the shovel, the gold, when you understand what your Upsell process should be and the consistency that needs to be in place,

Okay, when you understand all of these things - and you also understand what you've probably done wrong in the past - And now you have the software that allows you to just plug in and drag, And I'm going to show that to you here in a second. You are unstoppable, And so what we want to do is we want to teach you that every chance you get create a product Every chance you get right now. This could be a product if I was focused on one area, but I do this so much.

I don't even see it that way, anymore, Okay, But I know that I need to sit down in all my spare time. I need to sit down and I need to ride a new guide and I need to ride a new guide on the framework that I've been revealing to you all for the past two weeks about finding your niche in marketplace. Branding yourself as the rodeo girl or you know, steve, is a flawless follow up guy, Okay, whatever you brand yourself as I could be, mr Gamification, it doesn't matter from their creating your own systems, process, strategy, methods, secrets and formulas to go out there and build a List and then once you built that list having that flawless, follow up formula behind it and on the thank you page having an offer that starts with MintBird the start of your funnel


So I need to sit down and I need to get these thoughts out of my head and I need to make. I could even make a new audio product.

Okay, I could, I could literally make a mind map and I could have somebody interview me just like you heard in 2- minutes-funnels And I could create a product that way and I can take the transcription and I could take the mind map and I could bundle It together now, What am I gon na do with that? Well, I'm going to go, throw it into MintBird and did I mean to say, throw Absolutely I'm going to go, throw it into MintBird, where maybe it's a front-end product. Maybe it's an up-sell in some other products right

Maybe it's a down-sell, It doesn't really matter, but it's going to fit in somewhere. The freebie could be. What I could do is, I could put together a simple little one page PDF saying here are three steps: to learn: how to go out there and brand yourself and create your own products and services and have an online business Three strategies that you can do right Now


And I could go out there and I could give that away some of the enters their name and email boom they're. In Now I got their name and email

Now what happens I'm taken to a page? Thank you so much for enter your name and email here in a few minutes, You're going to get my three step formula to do the uh. In the meantime, I want you to check this out Down below. I got my bundle.

My Bundle sells for $ 7, Okay, pretty incredible benefits and results of the bundle they buy. What happens Tag into an OTO? Now, if you listen to what Perry tells you he tells you. The first OTO Is all about getting their confidence up Right. So I'm gon na go and uh. Maybe I'm going to have a walk through



Maybe I might have a video walkthrough. Maybe I'm gon na have a little piece of software. Maybe I'm going to have a kit. Maybe I'm gon na have some templates. Maybe I'm gon na have some resources, something like that. Right,

On the other side, He also says that here's where we can have a course combined with the community, but we sell the community and we give them the course as a bonus. Why? Well, here's a little secret When people pay for a community, they don't refund the community.

When people pay for the course they refund the course, That's why he told you sell the community give away the courses a bundle. Okay, my guess is The people that don't go through 2-minutes-funnels. The people that don't go through it will screw up their funnels. They will

2-Minutes-Funnels is going to go into the dynamics and by the way this came as a result of listening to Perry inside the 2-minute-funnels, okay And uh inside of 2-minutes-funnels. He talked about how, when somebody buys a front -end product. The first thing that he's going to do is number one follow up and make sure that they receive the product. Okay,


And that they're consuming it but number to get them into the up-sell and the problem becomes this. What you're able to do is you're able to put them into an auto responder where you can follow up okay, But you can't really without getting really technical, stop them from being in that follow up The only way you can stop them from being in the follow Up is if the follow up is in the same system. That knows: okay, wait. They have now upgraded to the up-sell

I never ever ever ever ever ever ever want to own an auto responder Too many responsibilities Too many refreshing IPs Too much going wrong. Okay,

So I don't ever want to create a system where you send out broadcast. However, what I do want to have and we're implementing this all around the board, We're implementing this inside of MintBird Everlesson


Uh inside SaaS-onboard, you probably won't use that one everywhere Where there's an action that takes place inside the system. There is a tag that fires off that says this takes place.

That is a trigger that forces another action to go out which could be an email. So now you don't have to have okay. This follow up inside your email series. You could just use that to handle broadcast


So those are all things that I want you to expect in the platforms going forward. When an action takes place, we assign a tag, tag triggers and action Like sending out a follow-up series.

But we're not an auto-responder We're, not somebody where you have an idea. You want to send out an email. You just go and email your list. Okay, There they are in a position to be able to handle that with their IPs and everything else.

They'Ll get your inbox and everything else: Okay, We're not trying to do that. We just want to take care of your follow-up and try to get you those OTO's Scale of 1 to 10

Does everybody understand that right now, So somebody buys my front end product for $ 7. My first email is going to go out and says: hey. Thank you. So much for purchasing the product Just wanted to make sure you got it. If you did it, here's the link,


Go download it right now and we're integrated with Everlesson

Okay, P. S., I just wanted to make sure that you had a chance to check out my secret template formula. You can go ahead and click it down below

Oh by the way it's on sale right now, Okay and remember that was the same offer on the thank you page Right. Male number two goes out: Hey just wanted to make sure that you had a chance to go grab blah blah blah blah whatever that product was

To register to the MintBird Power Affiliate Accelerator Program,
get the 2-Minutes-Funnel Course for free,
learn how to be a power affiliate
and get accepted from Chad and Perry as an affiliate
click on this link!


Right Uh. In the meantime, I want you to head over to page 20, where you're going to learn how to do Blah, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Right ps. Did you grab my special bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah? Here'S a link As soon as they actually do grab your OTO That tag that fires off will remove the first tag.

Boom, To be honest with you, I was excited for you guys. There was enough to get you the cookies. There was enough to get the leads rolling in, but I did not have the confidence to hit a date of tomorrow. We were supposed to launch tomorrow.

I was not there. Okay, I was not there All right, But now, okay, now I'm starting to feel pretty good, Really good.

Based on what I showed you today, does everybody understand why the onboarding, the support and the overall flow of the software had to be where I was 100 %? Confident and now I'm feeling really really good. Hey. It'S chad nicely along with Perry, Belcher, and we want to welcome you to step number one.


Now we're going to tell you all about MintBird here in a minute, but first check out this demo ...

Right, Yeah Mhm Pretty awesome Right, so this is an incredible platform. How long we've been working on this

Perry 19 months, I think 19 month Pre covid Yeah. Now this platform is doing things that you have never ever seen before and we're just getting started Right.

Yeah, it's the ease, the ease of use and the speeds, the part that blows me away. It'S so much quicker than anything else: the market and the way that chad engineered it is a totally different way of thinking. It'S the way that all these cardinals builders and funnel builders should have been built to start with.


So I think this is a real game: changer Yeah

And what he's talking about is how you're able to build libraries right, So you set up all your upsells you're downsells your bump offers you just set them up once you set up your delivery, maybe you're firing off some retargeting pixels and then you're just pulling them In wherever you want little by little uh, you know in multiple funnels or and then there's some real magic that you all don't even know about yet. But we want to invite you to some private trainings that we're gon na be doing before we open this up to the public. So we've done this before So you know how this works.

What we're gon na do is we're going to teach you how to use this platform you're going to be involved in the process of it, And then we're gon na turn around and make you an affiliate, And not only that we're going to train you on how To be a power affiliate,


Now this guy right here is one of the biggest affiliates in the business And how much have you sold of digital goods About a half a billion dollars? Half a billion dollars?

So, but I'm really old, So if you think maybe there's some secrets and hacks to this, there absolutely is Now: he has a very large marketplace that he works with each and every week teaching people exactly how to do that, How to become power affiliates. I do the same place.



Matter of fact, we're kind of competitors with each other, So it's kind of funny, but we're coming together on this one right here to teach you how to be an affiliate. Now you have to know the value in this because we don't just approve affiliate links with anybody. Do we No

So this is a special privilege for you. Okay. Now, as I said, this is step number one. Now we're also going to arm you with everything you need. So what we've done is put together the MintBird aAffiliate Accelerator Program. So we're going to give you the banners that you need the videos, the email swipes, the private trainings and you're gon na have behind the scenes as we're building out Mintbird.

Pretty incredible Right, So all you got ta do is go ahead and enter your details. Click the button and you're gon na be taking a step number two. Now that's gon na be inside of our private community right And it's there, where you're gon na find out all about our trainings

We'Ve got some special bonuses:


I think I'm gon na talk him into giving away some of these hats We're also gon na be given away an agency license. Maybe a couple agency licenses and some copies of members, and yes, you heard that right. We do have an agency license with this platform. Right Anything at all,

Even with now, the and the affiliate commission can be up to around $ 1200 a little over $ 1200 affiliate commission for a full, funnel purchase.


So this is, this is gon na, be one of the most lucrative launches you've ever seen, Yeah And the thing is we're giving on the inside word like they have so much time to prepare for this right. It'S an incredible opportunity.

And this is kind of how I built my whole. Entire business was going out there and learning how to promote simple little digital products. I know it's how he got started with digital marketer, which then became uh. You know trafficking, conversions and war rooms. I mean very, very privileged to have them be a part of our community and you're in a great position, So go ahead and click the button down below locking your access and we'll see you on step.

To register to the MintBird Power Affiliate Accelerator Program,
get the 2-Minutes-Funnel Course for free,
learn how to be a power affiliate
and get accepted from Chad and Perry as an affiliate
click on this link!

Register to the free MintBird Affiliate Accelerator Program by clicking on this link

Learn from the mouth of Chad Nicely why MintBird Shopping Cart Builder Launch was delayed for the second time in a few weeks
Register to the free MintBird Affiliate Accelerator Program by clicking on this link

The launch of MintBird is postponed by 30 days to September 21th. 
This postponement is justified by his recent move which prevented him from carrying out the schedule originally established during 4 weeks. For affiliates who are participating in the launch of this revolutionary new marketing software, this is great news as it will give them a whole month more to conduct their digital promotional activities and generate new leads who will be able to participate in Power Affiliate training program for an additional 30 days and purchase mintbird on september 21th. 

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